Useful apps

These are my go-to apps/products I use to be productive.

  • Things (tasks)
  • Bear (quick notes)
  • Notion (anything bigger than what Bear and Things can handle, like planning travel, bigger projects, personal wiki, writing, etc.)
  • Superhuman (taming email)
  • Cleanshot (absurdly good screenshots)
  • 1Password (insane to not use a password manager, wrong to not use this one)
  • (fast, accurate voice notes with transcription)
  • Endel (audio for focus, relaxing, and sleep that is on another level)
  • Pocket (saving stuff that I might read later)
  • Waking Up (best meditation app if you want to nerd out on consciousness)
  • Strava (tracking runs and rides)
  • Brilliant (for staying sharp)