Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

👋 I'm a Canadian based in San Francisco who knows right now 🤷‍♂️. I'm a software engineer, product designer, and founder.

I love discussing systems, cognitive science, excellent hikes, and how technology shapes culture. I ride my road bike a lot. Here's my favorite all-time ride. I laugh a lot, enjoy absurd jokes, and love the use of humor to make us think. I'm absolutely in love with dogs, all 900 million of them.

You can find me here 👇

✉️ eric {at}

Some of the things I've worked on

Most recently, I co-founded Junto where we built interactive courses that helped people build their mental toolkit for modern work.

I was the 1st product engineer at LightStep, where I lead a team building interfaces that helped engineering teams understand their deep systems so they could identify the root cause of errors and latency.

I was the head of web engineering at Keen IO, where my team built products & SDKs for over 70k developers to collect, analyze, and visualize event of data for custom analytics products.