Eric Anderson

Product Engineer at LightStep

I've been working with cross-functional product teams to deliver measurable impact on real customer problems for the last 8 years.

Currently, I work with the incredible team at LightStep building a service that gives our customers the ability to see everything going on in their systems so they can take control and make informed decisions.

Before that I spent 3 years at Keen IO leading the Web Engineering team. Keen is one of the top developer platforms in the analytics space and has over 70,000 developers processing trillions of data points every day.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science from Laurentian University. My work experience is dynamic; I've held both engineering and product roles, have done lots of design work out of necessity, and have taken a few shots at getting my own startups off the ground.

I've always worked in small teams that move quickly and I believe that shipping quickly is critical to your rate of learning, which in turn is critical to creating value to the people that use your product.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Github, Medium, and Twitter.

You can also email me directly at eric {at}

Some of my recent work

Product Engineer, LightStep

Jan. 2018 - Present

As a product engineer at LightStep, I work with the product and design teams to build features that allow customers to see, interact with, and understand their systems data so they can take appropriate, informed action.

Team Lead - Web Engineering, Keen IO

Feb. 2014 - Jan. 2018

As the lead of the web engineering team, I'm responsible for ensuring our team is as happy, productive, and focused on delivering value to end users as we possibly can be. I guide our overall approach to architecture and delivery, and I also do a lot of IC work - building and shipping features for our projects.

Some of the key projects we've built

  • An extensive Web Console that has 3,000 active monthly users who are viewing console pages 160,000 times per month.
  • The Data Explorer, core query interface that has 1,500 active monthly users who run over 70,000 queries per month.
  • A Custom Dashboards app, that has 2,200 monthly active users who have created over 1,300 dashboards.
  • The Streams Manager for inspecting and managing your data streams, that has 1,300 monthly active users who inspect 20,000 data streams a month.

Some of the process improvements I've introduced to help make our teams more effective

  • A standardized "Project Brief" template that our teams leverage heavily for understanding when executing on projects.
  • Usage of Tracking Plans, to ensure we all understand what events we're tracking, where, and why.
  • Formalized QA process so we can have confidence that our product works as expected when releasing new features, even if our automated test suite is green.

Work history farther back

Software Engineer, then VP Product, PetroFeed

2013 - 2014

In 2013, I joined PetroFeed as their first employee, a company aiming to build a business intelligence SaaS product for the energy industry. I helped ship our first version, and as the team grew, I moved into leading product at the company. In an enterprise dominated space, we managed to successfully target employees directly and grew to 10,000 users in our first few months after public launch.

It was a fun product to work on, as it spanned everything from building web crawlers to capture and parse huge amounts of industry data to building sophisticated mapping interfaces to visualize that data.

CTO, Insight Emissions

2011 - 2012

At Insight Emissions, we built a platform that made collecting data in the field about fugitive emissions easy. Out product targeted oil and gas operators, but was also used by 3rd party inspections firms. We built a web application to query, visualize and understand the distribution of fugitive emissions across all of an operators field facilities.

Co-Founder, Community Point

2010 - 2012

I built Community Point out of frustration that condo communities weren't being managed properly. It was a web application that made it easy for a condo board and property manager to communicate with each other and the residents, as well as plan and complete work for the property. At its peak, we managed to get nearly 100 communities using our software.

To view my work experience prior to 2010, check out my LinkedIn profile.