Hi, I'm Eric.

I've been a software engineer, product manager, and founder. I pride myself on building excellent product experiences. I enjoy discussing systems thinking and cognitive science. I'm a strong proponent of lifelong learning. I love to teach and mentor & am always happy to teach students!

I'm currently working on something new, focused on audio-based learning.

I was the first product engineer at LightStep, where I built interfaces for quickly understanding anomalous system behavior from trillions of data points, so engineers could identify the root cause and improve performance.

I was the director of web engineering at Keen IO, where I lead a team that built products for over 70,000 developers to manage custom analytics implementations & SDKs to collect, analyze, and visualize huge amounts of event of data.

I'm Canadian. I live in San Francisco, California (and am happy without winter). I ride my bike a lot. I listen to a lot of podcasts. I laugh at lot & enjoy absurd jokes. I'm absolutely in love with dogs (all of them).

You can find me on Twitter, Medium, Github, Unsplash, and LinkedIn.

You can email me at eric {at} ericanderson {dot} ca. If you cold email me I demand a joke. Bad jokes will be graciously accepted.